High quality color image supported by CMOS with the maximum    300K pixels(640 x480)
Plays smooth and real time moving pictures(30frs at the CIF)
Provides video conference and video phone for the internet user
Easily captures the moving picture with the snapshot button on    the camera


Supports various kinds of image processing for stickers, electronic albums and material for your     own homepage
Additional video capture board is not necessary because of the direct transmission of the digital     signal through USB port
Easy installation with the Plug & Play
Provides the VFW, Twain32, Direct show driver    









Main Software


The main software for the camera  
Provides image viewer
Inserts the picture and video
Camera set-up and controlling of the camera






Image View




          Program for the graphic input/output prints out the picture and video captured by the camera







Davinci 2.0LT


Adds the auto-link for making use the captured image and allows
for creative editing
Compatible to image viewer-the files captured can be viewed
through the image viewer






ThruCam 2.0








Net Meeting 3.0




Video conference on the internet
Easy calling connection through the internet, intranet, and telephone
Calling connection utilizing the directory server, conference and web
Working together with many participants through sharing the programs
Chatting with many people with the secure connection
Express your idea clearly using the white board


















Please download Driver, Program, and Manual attached to below items and make
the best use of them.








1.5 English Program

1.5 English



1.5 Korean Program

1.5 Korean



1.5 English Manual

1.5 Manual(E)