wcuplogo.gif  Electronic Components & Devices

anib09.gif  Relays for Automotive(being supplied to HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, KIA).   

anib09.gif  New Relay for Electronics                       

anib09.gif  Easiest Parking Guide System for Safety, especially for women.          





anib09.gif  PC Camera (OEM "SAM SUNG" BRAND) 



anib09.gif  Ultrasonic Cleaner                                              



anib09.gif OASIS Dual Cooling / Heating Console storage 


anib10.gif This dual cooling / heating container is easily      operated with a simple switch.
anib10.gif As an environment-friendly product, it does not
    utilize freon gas coolant, but rather adopts the
    peltier principle applied to cutting edge thermo-
    electric module systems.
anib10.gif It is suited for every season due to its cooling
    and heating functions, while also serving as
    an arm rest for the added comfort of the driver.
anib10.gif Different colors and designs are available for     enhancing the vehicle's interior as well.
anib10.gif Virtually noiseless and generating little detect-
    able heat during operation, it provides functional     convenience without affecting driving and riding
anib10.gif As a storage container, it can be used for CDs,     cassette tapes, and miscellaneous items, in
    addition to serving as a cup holder 


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anib09.gif  Page guard(VPS-100) is your complete
    solution to provide you with live monitoring
    and surveillance for your vehicle.  No more
    guessing what happens to your car while
    shopping, working, or staying at home.