Two-ways Car Alarm System
With LCD monitor Remocon, Starter & Pager












    Remote arming, disarming and panic
    Up to 3000FT remote control range (FM modulation)
    User EEPROM storage different code
    Multi-function 3 button remote transmitter & pager
    Audible and visual arming/disarming
    Remote control door lock/unlock relay output
    Automatic rearming and last door arming
    Chirp or no chirp confirmation by remote            
    Valet emergency override by ignition key            
    30 seconds siren duration with auto-reset            
    Remote Control trunk release output                
    Electronic shock sensor                          
    Multi-function LED status indicator
    Instant negative/positive door trigger programmable
    Automatic engine starting reservation
    Automatic heater /AC operation
    Multi-function paging operation of transmitter
    Transmitter(transmitting & pager)
    Indicator of "within" or "out of" RF range
    Graphic icons on the LCD monitor
    Car status indicator by LCD display & beeper
    Car driver calling operation
    2 warning stickers & easy operation manual
    High power siren
    Built-in hazard lights relay
    Keyless entry(When in valet)
    Starter disable output
    Built in remote engine starter